Riverside Road

The most important aspect for me was the “vision”. You knew how to visualise the space of the extension. Similarly the en-suite – not having a normal ceiling but heightening into the slope makes a world of difference to the feeling of space and design. They would have been wasted opportunities without your vision. I am also very pleased with the external appearance; I wouldn’t have thought of cedar but would have opted for the conventional “rendered to match” – much more interesting and individual now.

Another big plus for me when I engaged PDM was their network of contacts. Their matching the contractor to my project was just marvellous. Overall I’m one of their very satisfied clients. The external appearance is stylish and pleasing to my eye – thank you for the pressure to have hardwood windows! The living spaces and the feel of the house are just as I had hoped. All my visitors appreciate the difference we made to the house – it fits me like a glove, or a very stylish slipper.