Orchard View

When we decided to build an extension to our house, we approached as many architects as we could, because we felt we had to get the first bit right, if we were to stand any chance of succeeding. Phil immediately stood out for us in terms of providing an exceptional service, because he would always get back to us with any queries within a day or so, whereas the other architects would take an awful lot longer. In fact the only correspondence we got from one firm of architects was that they had closed our file.

In terms of pricing Phil was pretty much in line with other firms, but was miles ahead in terms of artistic flair and knowledge of building products.

Now our magnificent green oak extension is almost complete, I can look back and honestly say that Phil’s help on the way made the whole process completely painless and actually became quite enjoyable.
Phil’s knowledge is so wide, I still refer back to him for advice on every aspect, even down to lighting, where to buy an oak floor and so on and so on.

If you are having any work which requires a drawing, my advice would be to not use anybody else and call on Phil for his services