Orchard Cottage

Our starting point was deciding we needed to re-build our 1950’s single skin, add-on extension. (It was colder in the kitchen than in the fridge in winter!) It also needed to sit well with our cosy old cob house. Phil was great as he helped us rebuild both our design ideas, as well as our new extension.

Phil guided us through a process that we had already done a lot of thinking about. He set us thinking about our design, sketching ideas, looking as materials and finishes and as a result, we covered a wall with images, drawings and colours. He then took the ideas we had, developed, improved and enhanced them…definitely a more elegant solution!

Phil had the ability to find answers to problems that actually added to the design, e.g., our glazed end truss and the window tray enabling a higher ceiling height. He was also great fun to work with. He helpfully answered streams of questions from first time self-builders (that must sometimes have been blindingly obvious to him), with patience, helpful diagrams and many cups of tea!

Working with an architect is a partnership, one where listening and understanding is key for both parties. Our advice…pick an architect you can relate too and enjoy working with. They will probably provide solutions that challenge your thinking, but more importantly for us, build on and improve your own ideas.