Fore Street

For us working with pdm was an extremely collaborative process, which is what we were hoping for in an architect. Phil was not prepared to be cowed by the stifling conventions of the latter day “vernacular”. Working within the confines set by the local “Preservation Society”, he was able to make bold design statements which made reference to the nautical history of the town. But he was also able to do this without creating crass hackneyed motifs.

We had a fairly clear idea on how we wanted to proceed and at each turn Phil would steer us in a creative and functional direction which produced wonderful results. Each decision Phil made adhered to the core concept of creating space and light from a small and dark starting point. Phil has a tremendous sense of materials and works hard to ensure that the integrity of his design is enhanced with judicious and intelligent use of wood, glass and stainless steel.

We were on a very constrained budget and at no point did Phil take advantage of this, he always stuck to the original brief and was tireless in ensuring that we achieved the greatest artistic impact from ingenious detailing.

We hope that when we are in a position to do it, Phil will be given full creative license to design and build our dream home.