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House Makeovers: Devon Life

May 7, 2007  |  House Makeovers

Stop and look up at your house, just for a minute or two Think what if I changed those steel windows, what if I changed those roof tiles to slate? Should I paint the walls, or render them, or re point them?

You have probably stopped noticing the outside of your house.

Stop and spend half an hour walking around your house with a camera and a notebook, photograph and write down all the things you aren’t happy with or you’ve grown bored of.

Your motivation might be selling, or staying put for a long time or you simply want a project and you feel you’ve rather neglected the appearance of the house. People often stop looking at the basic stuff.

Walls, roof and windows are being neglected you may believe these jobs are too expensive or too complex, you need to revisit the outside of your house every now and again, it adds value and you can make it look a whole lot better.

Start with the main elements, do a ‘what if’ exercise.