Adding Value to Your House: Devon Life

Adding Value to Your House: Devon Life

Adding house value is different to adding space. Space, i.e. more square metres generally adds at least the cost of the works, but that’s just building, its not design or architecture and rarely adds value.

Defining value is pretty conceptual, but when we see something that works, we know it has value. Value is one of those intangibles, precious to some irrelevant to others, we make value choices every day, food, clothes and how and where we spend our time and money. Value can be elusive or obvious!

Architecture vs. Building.

Architecture is more subtle than building.

Architecture is the ‘X factor’, that special something, that opportunity you’d never think of, that combination of space and light and colour, texture or material. That’s what PDM Design in Topsham, Exeter do and we do it well, who else can? PDM can create dramatic tension by changing the position of a front door or altering a large window to a smaller one that frames a view rather than gives it to you all at once.

PDM look at the composition that is your house or home, and garden, we do it this in an artful way that speaks about form, materials and context with emphasis on the details, its the ‘sum of the parts’. Also what you put in will make it, furniture, art and your personality it all adds up to an experience of a place, not just a place. This is adding value.

Spending but not adding value.

The usual suspects when it comes to adding value are the well-intentioned errors made by maintenance shy householders. Replacement windows, kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories are the obvious ones and they are usually done so badly that they add no value at all, often they present the potential purchaser with a cost rather than an asset. Get some help to make the right decisions.

The above list only add value if the alteration or upgrade is a leap not a step, so you do need to spend on these items but spend wisely. Typically, the sink, hob, fridge triangle in any kitchen is a matter of personal preference, so choose tiles worktops and colour very carefully, remember a good design idea is reinforced with every subsequent design decision.
A good worktop will last for ever, a cheaper laminate will last five years if you are lucky, choose wisely.

Information and advice is free.

Get advice, shop around. The sooner you start to look, the sooner you will start to see the things you want to have or upgrade to. Make a scrapbook of ‘tear-outs’ and collect images on your phone of with your camera.

But what adds value?

More space done well, adds value. See the opportunities, you may need help with this bit explore your options. Good decorative order and an understanding of colour and colour combinations, take a look at your soft furnishings and go to a good hotel, look how the designers have themed the rooms the halls and lobbies and so on, tune into these approaches, adopt some of the ideas you see in a place you like, this will add value. I see so many homes where the eclectic mix of colour and styles adds up to a confusing mess; keep it simple, it gets complicated all on its own! Extensions and loft conversions are usually affordable ways to add space, don’t fall into the developer trap of trying to add bedrooms in the hope of adding value, add utility and space, connect with the garden and make over the garden, it’s the outside room that’s often forgotten.

If you are selling now you may well need to make your property stand out. How are you going to do this and at what cost?

Is the entrance right, I see so many houses that don’t even attempt to conceal the bins, I also see inventive creative ways these ugly lumps of plastic are hidden away under planting and hard landscaping.

There are the regular items, good décor and well kept gardens and a generally tidy home that are all good value indicators, but do you have a WOW space, that family room the opens onto a terrace which is paved in the same tile as the kitchen that creates a seamless inside outside space, or a great loft conversion master suite with en suite and a fantastic rooftop view, or perhaps one space living on the ground floor or a home cinema room. All these elements are adding value, as long as your market of potential customers value these things, so don’t over capitalise, is a swimming pool adding value, I don’t think so, its more of an overhead in our climate.

We have done many ‘makeover projects with an extension that have tripled the value of a property, a house people wouldn’t turn their head to look at is now a local talking point, a few deft strokes of a pencil and a few wise material choices and you can transform an ugly duckling into a great house.
Take a fresh look at your house and ask your self what latent potential lies here, untapped and how can we unlock this to create a better place which adds value.

We believe that celebrating the ordinary, as we call it, creates the extraordinary and adds real value, we all want something a little bit different, but not too different. There is a skill in striking the right balance.


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